Year and Month         Band              Caller                                       Interval Entertainment

Saturday 31 December, 2022      Hobsons Choice       Bubbles and John       Who so ever will         Ceilidh / Barn Dance

Saturday, 22 April, 2023      Cut - A - Caper        John Green                 Lisa Heywood & friends     Ceilidh / Barn Dance

Saturday, 24 June, 2023      The Rainbow Folk    Lisa Heywood             Becci and Marcus              Ceilidh/Barn Dance


July                          Kellys Eye       Kev Prigmore, Bubbles, John Green             


January     Zinguaresque & Finality Jack   John Green & Bubbles

February    LEBEDEK                   Simon Loake                               Northampton Morris Men


January      All strung Out             Simon Loake                              Queen's Oak Morris

February    Kelly's Eye                   Ivan Aitken                                 Stony Redcaps

March         Cock and Bull Band   Lynne Swain                               Stephen Ferneyhough

April           Ock'n'Dough              Jo and Janis Zakis                      Lynda Norris

September  Jam and Crumpet Band        Mary Panton           

October           Le Cochon Marinee (Pickled Pig Band)          Phil Thurman         John Green

November        The Banana Band              Bubbles

December        Hobson's Choice                John and Bubbles     


January       The Banana Band                Bubbles                                      Old Mother Redcaps    

February     Jigalots       

March          Pinkers Spinney               Irene Entwistle                              Rapskallion Morris   

April           Chris and Julie Dewhurst (2D)    John Green                         Twos Company           

September   Aardvark                   Pete Grassby                                      Jenkinson's Folly

October       The Occasional Few     Adrian Besant                                  Sue Martin

November    Finality Jack              Bubbles                                             Royal Oak Morris

December      Sleeping Moggy         John Weaver                                     Come All Ye


January        All Strung Out              Simon Loake                           Andrew Loake / Richard Yorke   

February      Aardvark                       Pete Grassby                          Rose and Castle Morris 

March          Kelly's Eye                     Kevin Prigmore                       Old Mother Redcaps         

April             Banter                            Bubbles                                    Sue Martin

June             Meg 'N' Mor                      John Turner                                 Northampton Morris Men        Contra

September   Cut A Caper                     Steve Pascoe                               John Green              

October        Kate, Simon and Andrew  Simon Loake                               Bubbles            

November     Passerida                        Paul Martin                                 Stephen Ferneyhough                                   

December     Sleeping Moggy              John Weaver, Bubbles and John Green       "Come All Ye"                        


January               LEBEDEK                          Simon Loake                      Northampton Morris

February           Pinkers Spinney Ceilidh Band    Irene Entwistle      Old Mother Redcaps       

March                Gig CB                         Chris Shaw                             St Katherine's Morris of Irchester

April                   Passerida                      Will Hall                                 Jessica Afia

June                  Double Dichotomy       Mark Elvins                           Royal Oak Morris          Contra

September      Contra-Alt-Delete         Jake Wood                            John Green                      Contra   

October          Tautas Roks                    John Green                           Moulton Morris Men             

November     Elusive Black Dog Ceilidh Band        Chris Petz         St Katherine's Morris               

December      Sleeping Moggy              John Weaver                       Various (very good) singers


December            Ock''N'Dough                   Jo Zakis                            Bubbles                      

November            Occasional Few                 John Green                    Queens Oak Morris

October                 Moonlighting                  Mary Devlin  (USA)         Feast of Fools              

September            Kelly's Eye                            Kevin Prigmore            John Green

May                        Deo Volente                        John Turner            Bubbles                   

April                      Tautus Roks                        Bubbles                      John Green                             

March                    The Night Before                   Bob Morgan              Woadworks

February               Knitters Jig                         Chris Turner            Rose and Castle Morris  

January                 Black Abbot                             John Weaver              John & Liz York (+ John & Liz Weaver)


December           All Strung Out                                      Simon Loake

November           Aardvark                                               Pete Grassby               Coventry Morris

October               3sticks                                               Mary Panton                Bubbles 

May                     Folkus Pocus                                         John Turner                  Royal Oak Morris

April                  Gentleman's Relish                                Fee Lock                         Mosaic

March                Ock'N'Dough                                         Jo and Janis Zakis         Old Mother Redcap Morris

February            Cambridge University Ceilidh Band    Paul Martin                 St Katherine's Morris

January                Lebedek                                                Simon Loake               Queen's Oak Morris          


January                Cock and Bull Band                               Fee Lock                    Royal Oak Morris

February             Aardvark                                                 Pete Grassby             Northampton Morris

March                        The Night Before                           Bob Morgan   Steve and Pamela (clog) and Bubbles 

April                           Knitters Jig                                      Chris Turner                 Mosaic

June                           Kelly's Eye                                       Andrew Swaine         

October                    The Occasional Few                        John Green            Julie Bubbles

November          Hit and Miss                Jim Marriott       Northampton Singing for Fun Choir

December          Sleeping Moggy     John Turner     Ensemble from the Olde England Folk Club


January                            Blisworth Tunnel Rats                        George Hearnden         Julia Metcalfe        

February                          Cambridge University Ceilidh Band    Paul Martin                    Brian Jeckells Band

March                              All Strung Out with Simon Loake       Fee Lock                    

April                                Dance Cupola                                    Will Hall

May                                Skylark                                               Lynne Render       

September                    Folkus Pocus                                       Rhodri Davies            

October                        Gentleman's Relish                              Simon Loake

November                     The Weltones                                      Tom Tilley

 December                    Sleeping Moggy                                    John Turner       Bubbles  and  Brackley Morris


January                               Cock and Bull Band                            Fee Lock                          Queen's Oak Morris

February                             Ock'n'Dough                                      Janis Zakis

March                                    The Steppers Band

April                                       The Weltones                                 Tom Tilley                       Shore Tars Rapper

May                                         Kelly's Eye                                                          Geoff Cubitt

September                           Jollybox                  Dave Jolly                         Steve & Pamela (Appalachian Clog)

October                                 3 Sticks                                                                Simon Loake  

November                            Sleeping Moggy                                                  Jackie Allen

December                            Knitters Jig                                                         Chris Turner                    Bubbles


January                              Cambridge University Ceilidh Band           Paul Martin    Saint Catherines Morris,

February                           Climax Ceilidh Band           Adam Hughes                Hips and Haws Childrens Team

March                                 Aardvark                                                     Pete Grassby                 Royal Oak Morris 

April                                     Random Band                                                     Will Hall                          

September                       Ran Tan Band                                                        Sheena Masson

October                             Lebedek                                                                  Simon Loake

November                         Asha                                                                         Dave Jolly and Jackie Allen

December                           Knitter's Jig                              Chris Turner                  Committee Mummers Play


February                             Aardvark                                                         Pete Grassby               Stony Steppers

March                                  Hosepipe Band                                             Fee Lock                     Rose and Castle

                                                                                                                                                                      April                               Toothless Mary                         Pete   Rees                      Woadworks                             

September                       Steamchicken                                                      Hugh Rippon

October                             Simon Care Trio                                                   Simon Loake                Pete Grassby

November                       Knitters Jig                                                             John Green                   Mosaic

December                       Cloudburst