Forthcoming Events

                                        Band            Caller            Interval      Dance Type


Saturday, June 3               Meg 'N' Mor                    John Turner                          Northampton Morris Men        Contra

Saturday, September 30    Cut A Caper                   Steve Pascoe                        Bubbles                                        Ceilidh

Saturday, October 28        3 Stick                           Simon Loake                        TBC                                        Ceilidh

Saturday, November 25     

Sunday, December 31        Sleeping Moggy              John Weaver                        "Come All Ye"                           Ceilidh

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Saturday, January

Saturday, February

Saturday, March 31          Pinkers Spinney                 Irene Entwhistle

Saturday, April 28             Chris and Julie Dewhurst  John Green                        TBC

Saturday, June 2